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© Lacoste Arşivi

Lacoste, the story of an iconic brand

A love for the game, a passion for innovation and a certain French elegance. Since 1933, the story of Lacoste has mirrored that of its founder, René Lacoste, the French tennis legend who revolutionized the everyday wardrobe.

The birth of the crocodile

In the excitement of the Roaring Twenties, the young and talented tennis player René Lacoste is already making an impression with his elegant game, his sense of fair play and his originality, that ten years later, is to become a signature of the brand.

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© Robert George

1923 - The first crocodile, the birth of a symbol

After a Davis Cup match in Boston, an American journalist baptizes René Lacoste “The Alligator” in reference to a bet between the tennis player and his coach over a crocodile suitcase. Artist Robert George brings the crocodile logo to life in 1927.


The love match: Simone, golf champion

Simone Thion de la Chaume, future wife of René Lacoste takes the British Girls Amateur Golf Championship in 1924, then goes on to become French champion an incredible thirteen times.

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1927 - World number one: the French tennis legend

From 1925 to 1929, René Lacoste won a series of Grand Slam victories and dominated international rankings: 5 wins at the French Internationals, 3 wins at Wimbledon and 2 victories at the U.S. Championships.

© Lacoste Arşivi

1928 - Courts and courses: the new playing fields

As a tribute to the four legendary Musketeers, including René Lacoste, the legendary stadium of Roland Garros is built near Paris. Lacoste becomes an official partner in 1971. At Saint-Jean-de-Luz, the Chantaco golf course sees the day through the initiative of Simone's father, René Thion de la Chaume. A symbol of the Lacoste family's elegance, it has hosted the Lacoste Ladies Open de France since 2012.

1933, Lacoste becomes a stuff of legend

The polo revolution wins over the world, and not just the sport of the sport. With his first advertising campaign, René Lacoste officially launches the brand, enters the world of fashion and launches a legend.

© Lacoste Arşivi
© Lacoste Arşivi

1951 - Lacoste sees life in colour

Every season has its colours! In 1951 René Lacoste unveils monochromatic polos followed by striped polos. In 1958, a Lacoste children’s collection is launched.


Patent after patent: the quest for performance

A passionate inventor, René Lacoste plays an important role in the development of tennis. Over the years, his innovations have an important impact on the game of tennis.

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1967 - Catherine Lacoste: like father, like daughter

René’s daughter, Catherine Lacoste, is the only French amateur player in the world to have won the women’s U.S. Open golf championship. She is an accomplished golfer whose success remains unrivalled.


The height of elegance

Clay, grass, and even snow! In the 1960s, Lacoste equips the French ski team.

© Lacoste Arşivi
© Droits Réservés

1970s - International campaigns

Present internationally since the 1950s, Lacoste begins to create international advertising campaigns in the 1970s, celebrating the brand’s sporting heritage and elegant style à la française.

© Lacoste Arşivi
© Lacoste Arşivi


The extended Lacoste product family

Following the perfume and leather goods launched in the 1960s, the Lacoste product family grows again in 1981 with sunglasses, and in 1985 with tennis shoes.

© Lacoste Arşivi
© Lacoste Arşivi


The LACOSTE Foundation

Promoting the values dear to René Lacoste, such as tenacity and perseverance, Foundation LACOSTE helps young people in vulnerable situations by supporting their social integration through tennis and golf practice.


Felipe Oliveira Baptista

Felipe Oliveira Baptista Lacoste’un tasarımcısı oldu.

2011 - Lacoste Live, the new Lacoste

With the launch of its new line, Lacoste Live, the brand reinterprets the emblematic codes of the brand for a young, avant-garde and contemporary audience.

Discover lacoste live


Novak Djokovic is the New Crocodile

The legendary tennis player Novak Djokovic shares René Lacoste's values of sporting elegance, fair play and tenacity. In 2017 he becomes the New Crocodile.



Lacoste looks back...and forward

Looking back over 85 amazing years, Lacoste celebrates by reediting 15 pieces from each decade of its existence. And looking to our future, Lacoste launches Save our Species, replacing the iconic crocodile logo with 10 animals threatened with extinction in a very limited edition.


L for Legend, L for Lacoste


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