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Who is  (the real)  René Lacoste?

Tennis legend? Founder of an eponymous brand? Yes, and more. Monsieur René Lacoste: an elegant tennis player who believed in fair play, and a passionate inventor behind a clothing revolution.

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© Pathé Gaumont

Tennis legend - World Number One in 1927

Born in 1904, René Lacoste becomes the world’s number one player in 1927, racking up victory after victory in Grand Slam tournaments. His success is due to his persistence and tenacity - the same qualities that help create his legend.

The crocodile

The story of a symbol

During a trip to Boston with the 1923 Davis Cup team, René Lacoste notices a crocodile suitcase. “If you win, I’ll buy it for you,” jokes his coach Alan Muhr before a match. This anecdote, captured by a nearby journalist from the Boston Evening Transcript, is behind his nickname, “The Alligator”, and quickly becomes the brand emblem.

© Georges Jeanneau / Presse Sport
© Lacoste Family Archives

Team spirit - The secret of his success

“Because of our common objective, we share a real team spirit.” This is the spirit of the musketeers; the legendary 1920s team of which René Lacoste is a key member. Behind the founder stand Simone Lacoste and their daughter Catherine, both golf champions whose successes have never yet been rivalled.

© Popperfoto –Getty
© Pathé Gaumont

The Lacoste Style - Iconic clothing inspired by sport

The short-sleeved polo? That’s Lacoste! Perpetually seeking relaxed elegance, René Lacoste – tennis legend and constant inventor – creates a truly emblematic wardrobe. The Lacoste spirit is the expression of modern French style, inspired by tennis and golf.



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