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{ "productDetail": { "type": "Product Viewed", "data": { "product_id": "RA0833", "name": "Lacoste Unisex Low Socks", "price": 1679, "brand": "Lacoste", "sku": "3144275", "variant": "Lacivert", "category": "Unisex / CORAP", "dimension11": "22SS", "dimension14": "RA0833166", "dimension15": "3144275", "dimension16": " 2399 ", "dimension17": "indirimli" , "dimension18": "T2", "dimension30": "1646" } } }
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Product Code RA0833.166

  • Material: 90% Cotton-8% Polyamide-2% Elastane
    40° 'de yıkanabilir Kuru temizlemeye uygun değildir Kurutma makinesinde kurutulmaz Düşük sıcaklıkta ütülenebilir
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